OUTER SPACE – Lisa Traxler

5th June – 16th September 2023
Pangolin London Sculpture Gallery 

5th June – 16th September 2023
Opening drinks reception 20th June, 6-8pm

Pangolin London are delighted to present LisaTraxler’s Outer Space in the Kings Place ceramic windows. This body of work plays with the boundaries of the two and three dimensions, creating visual puzzles speculating on time, memory and our spacial awareness.These works are a culmination of Traxler’s meticulous research into the dazzle and lozenge camouflages of WW1. Complementing these window ‘space paintings’ will be a large wall work and a series of prints that will be exhibited inside Kings Place. A limited edition bespoke boxed sculpture has been made specially for this exhibition.

An artist talk will be held on 14th September 2023, 5:30 – 7:00pm

Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG

image: Lisa Traxler, Mother + Daughter, Acrylic on Plywood, 2023. Photo: Julian Winslow.


OUTER SPACE: Lisa Traxler presents her ‘space paintings’ a series of five sculptures framed within the windows of Pangolin London.

Through a complex surface colour system, Traxler creates direction and linear perspective on and with the sculptures playing with the boundaries of the two and three dimensions.These planes of pattern are broken and dissected with intention by the sculptures configuration appearing as a formation of camouflage perhaps and recalling the artists meticulous research into the dazzle and lozenge camouflages of WW1.

A move to the South coast of the Isle of Wight preceded this historical research. From the rolling landscape with weather worn coastline and a crumbling war time bunker that innovated the intricate slotted and hand-painted sculptures, the artist has captured architecture and landscape and the places we inhabit.

Through a detailed process of drawing, maquette building, painting and sketchbook work the artist has evolved a unique approach to her individual sculptures. These visual puzzles speculate on time, memory and relationship with place and those around us. These associations are evident in overlapping shapes, proportion and scale and the positive and negative spaces captured within the velvety darkness of the outer space of the Pangolin windows.

Lisa Traxler STRANGE CARGO, 2023, acrylic on poplar plywood, height 112.5 x length 138 x depth 40 cm

Lisa Traxler, TWIN, 2023, acrylic on poplar plywood, height 128 x length 130 x depth 50 cm

Lisa Traxler, SCION, 2023, height 155 x length 98 x depth 46 cm

Lisa Traxler, INFANT CELESTIAL, 2023, height 158 x length 135 x depth 70 cm