Saturday 27th March – Sunday 13th June 2021
ONLINE LAUNCH; Saturday 27th March
Artists: Lisa Traxler + Jeannie Driver

West Gallery, Quay Arts, IW

The exhibition will start online but Quay Arts are hoping to open their doors in line with Government news of ‘unlocking’ during 2021.
The exhibition continues until 13th June 2021

Focusing on themes of perception, disorientation and disruption, ‘Dazzle & Disrupt’ showcases the work of two emerging artists working in the South, drawing inspiration from historical Dazzle camouflage and its relationship to the Island’s maritime heritage.

Dazzle & Disrupt is our much anticipated exhibition of 2021. Delayed for almost a year since the first lockdown in 2020, we explore the work of two emerging contemporary visual artists working in the South; Jeannie Driver and Lisa Traxler, focusing on themes of perception, disorientation and disruption, instigated through the investigation of the Dazzle phenomenon.

Dazzle was invented in 1917 by marine artist Norman Wilkinson. Wilkinson’s ‘Dazzle’ designs were used to disrupt and disorientate German U-boats at sea during the First World War by painting British and Allied ships in striking geometric patterns. By the end of the First World War thousands of merchant ships and hundreds of naval vessels had been ‘Dazzled’ in what constituted the world’s largest public art and design display. 

The masterful and dazzling effect this had on its onlooker – questioned where they were positioned, its scale, its shape and distance. So much uncertainty of what we are seeing and where we are positioned, draws comparisons to our current emotions towards the pandemic and feelings of isolation and the unknown in 2020 and 2021. 

The new commissions will form the main exhibition in the West Gallery with sculptural works, film, installations and wall murals. The Café will show 2D works on paper by the artists – making further exploration into the line, drawing, shape and form, referencing their installation works. 

The Clayden Gallery will become a research and learning space, providing information on the story of Dazzle and its relationship to the Island’s maritime heritage, together with the artist’s preparatory works, revealing their creative processes through sketchbooks, maquette and research notes.