The West Gallery, Quay Arts, IW
Friday 3 October – Saturday 22 November 2014

Photos: Georgia Newman

British abstract artist, Lisa Traxler, celebrates a decade of painting inspired by her life on the Isle of Wight. With a move to the Island in 2004, Traxler has since produced a prolific body of work in a variety of studios across the Island: aboard a houseboat in Bembridge, an old warehouse in Wootton Bridge, Quay Arts’ Jubilee Stores Studios in Newport, a Grand Design studio in Ryde to her present studio located on the south of the Island in a WWII Nissen Hut. Traxler’s vibrant paintings invite the viewer to engage with this exploratory journey through the decade and around the Island as the artist evolves her analytical approach to her painting practice. This visual diary offers an Island narrative from the perspective of emotional response with pieces on loan from private collections to recent new works.

For Traxler, “a picture is the experienced, felt and intuited world – a connection with her own immediate surroundings and way of life.” Experiences of traveling extensively in her previous job in London as a fashion editor and costume designer have been a huge influence in her artwork and have made her more aware of the sense of where she is, hence her preoccupation with ‘place’. This body of work is unique in its subject matter deriving completely from her life on the Island.

These bold abstract works evolve through the decade from rich, deep teals with flashes of gold to a more lyrical approach later in the decade: uplifting ochres, warm burnt sienna, gull colour greys and fluid blues… the mark making of the paint always conscious of immediacy and energy. The works displayed are brought together for the first time on loan from private collections across the Island, London and South region. They investigate the process of making and enter a visual dialogue between works made in various environments, each of them underpinning a particular moment in the artist’s life. Written responses from Collectors accompany the work in the gallery to articulate this visual diary. The exhibition also includes new paintings alongside a ‘studio setting’ transported from Traxler’s own studio to the gallery, revealing the working environment and making process behind the artist’s work.

DECADE toured on to the Apthorp Gallery (ArtsDepot) London N12 - July - Sept 2015.

DECADE Exhib 1 copy2

Exhibition entrance, painting ‘The Glass Room’ 120 x 150cm acrylic on canvas

DECADE Exhib 2 copy2

The West Gallery, view 1, later works

DECADE Exhib 3 copy2

The West Gallery, view 2, early works

DECADE Exhib 4 copy2

The West Gallery, view 3, two enamel and steel paintings, collection of Peter Davies (art critic & author)

DECADE Exhib 6 copy2

The West Gallery, view 4, ‘Re-Emerge triptych, 80 x 210 cm, acrylic & graphite on canvas, private collection IW

DECADE Exhib 7 copy2

The West Gallery, view 5, showing ‘Re-Emerge’ triptych & ‘Hope’ paintings, both acrylic on canvas

DECADE Exhib 8 copy2

The West Gallery Annexe, view of artists studio 1

DECADE Exhib 9 copy2

The West Gallery Annexe, view of artists studio 2