Paper Composite Desk


Paper Composite desk for Surface Matter design studio, London Fields, 2016

'Dazzle' design

Surface Matter love materials. Innovative materials. Translucent materials. Strong and recycled materials. Materials that make you go, 'WOW'. They work closely with some of the most exciting materials out there, helping creatives push the boundaries of architecture and design. With a deep understanding of the possibilities and limitations of materials, they bridge the gap between the people who make materials and the people who create with materials.

DSC 8500

Paper Composite Desk, 2016


Connecting innovative materials with the architect and design community for interior and exterior applications in the built environment

Surface Matter is opening up shop in London Fields by Broadway Market. The new space is a place where designers, makers, manufacturers & material enthusiasts can meet, get inspired and bring ideas to life (

The artist designed a cutaway reveal in Richlite paper composite for the desk fronts based on WW1 Dazzle Camouflage research, Spring 2016

Dazzle Desk 4

Dazzle Desk (detail)

Dazzle desk 3

Dazzle Desk (cutaway reveal design)

Dazzle Desk 5

Dazzle Desk (Richlite paper composite)