'MURIEL' vitreous enamel on steel folding table


'MURIEL' vitreous enamel on steel folding art table.
First shown at Decorex International, London Design Festival, 2016

'MURIEL' vitreous enamel on steel folding table


A collaboration with furniture designer Steuart Padwick for Vlaze, 'Muriel' Coffee table with hand applied artwork by contemporary artist Lisa Traxler. www.steuartpadwick.co.uk 

Designed by Steuart Padwick with hand applied vitreous enamel paintwork by Lisa Traxler and manufactured by Cedric Wells from http://vlaze.copart of  AJ Wells, IOW. This company produces most of the signage and wall panels for the London Underground.

The idea was to create a table that could hang on the wall like a piece of art, but could be lifted off for when you need an extra table. The name 'Muriel' came from Hilda Ogden from Coronation street. She was very proud of her ‘Murial' wall picture. She meant mural.

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hand applied enamel