Enamel & Steel Cladding, 2010


Hand applied vitreous enamel on steel panels by the artist, exterior cladding to this contemporary home
LMA architects, AJ Wells fabricators. Photos: Steve Thearle and Julian Winslow

Architect Lincoln Miles and artist Lisa Traxler approached A.J Wells during the building of their home in 2009/10. They wanted to clad a section of the house in enamel with an applied artwork by Lisa.

The house was originally a 1960s bungalow that Lincoln ‘upcyled’ adding a ground floor living space and a 3 storey wooden tower.A.J Wells surveyed the property then fabricated a series of tray panels in white enamel. Lisa was then allocated an area of studio space within the factory to create her artwork with access to inks, tools and expertise.

The panels were fired and then installed using power magnets to seamlessly hold the cladding in place. This spectacular project was filmed for Channel 4’s Grand Designs.

Lisa returned to A.J Wells in 2011/12 to produce an enamel wall mural created for the reception area of a new art and design college in Stourbridge, West Midlands as well as a similar artwork for Vestas on the Isle of Wight.

She has also started to use enamel techniques to create three dimensional enamel sculpture in her latest exhibition named 'Lives of Spaces'.