WORLD'S MOST SECRET HOMES featuring dazzle artwork 10 November 2019. Home channel television

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Just to say (if you don’t get fed up of seeing us) we are on screen again…

'WORLD’S MOST SECRET HOMES’ (what a title!)

Filmed during the Summer this year at the Bunker IW and airing on TV on Sunday 10th November at 10pm, Home Channel.

This episode heads to Brazil, Isle of Wight, San Francisco and Nova Scotia. We were invited to be featured in this series.
‘From secluded houses in forests to buried bunkers, remote island cabins to hidden mountain retreats. Windfall Films has
earned an international reputation as a producer of innovative, award winning television.’

Home (tv channel), Freeview channel 42, Freest channel 166, Sky (UK) channel 158.

Happy to say my artwork features with the dazzle theme alongside Lincoln Miles Architecture of the building.

Vitreous enamelled steel folding table: thanks to Stuert Padwick Designer, London and A.J. Wells, IOW.
Resin paper composite sculptures: thanks to Surface Matter, London and Richlite, USA.
All artwork: ©Lisa Traxler 2019