'STIMULUS' The Greenhouse Berlin, Germany 27th May - 02nd June 2017

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Screen Shot 2017 05 31 at 12.25.40

'STIMULUS' 27.05.17 - 02.06.17


The Greenhouse Berlin, Germany
8th floor
Gottlieb-Dunkel-Str. 43/44
12099 Berlin



The aim of this exhibition is to present some of the various incentives that motivate artists to produce a work of art. These could be, amongst others, filtering and analysing the information we receive; cultural influences and background; building relationships and observing our social environment; what we find aesthetically pleasing; past experiences, traumas; and many more.
This resultant selection of artworks is also reflecting on what leads artists to create a type of language, through their concepts and techniques, in order to express their perspectives, their feelings, and their position on subjects of their interest.
In addition to the above, it would be interesting to observe how sometimes artists can be triggered by the same or similar impulses, but interpret them in different ways, or choose diverse approaches to portray them.

I have a small 3D sculptural painting in this international group exhibition.
Curated by Art.Number23