RWS Collage Painting Workshop at Heatherley's School of Fine, Chelsea. Art 6 April 2019

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WORKSHOP: Abstract Assemblage Paintings with Lisa Traxler RWS

The Heatherley School of Fine Art
£70 / 65 Friends 10am - 4pm

During this one day workshop students will make abstract collage assemblage paintings with acrylic paint. Inspired by our architectural and urban surroundings, they will look at form and shape and explore structure.

 Initially students will go out and about in Chelsea collecting ideas in sketchbooks and then return to the studio at Heatherley's  to prepare papers, cut and assemle the relief collages.


Structure of the Day


-Gathering inspiration for shape, form and colour in sketchbooks from the surrounding area
- Colour and shape working paintings in the studio & paper preparation for the colleages


- Cutting and assembling works with a focus on structure and form.

 There will be a 40 minute lunch break, but students are welcome to continue working over this period, if they wish.


About the Tutor:

Lisa Traxler RWS combines painting and 3D form within her practice, her vitreous enamel and steel mural was featured on national television (Grand Designs, Channel 4, 2012). Her work has been exhibited in the London Design Festival (2016 & 2017). She is also a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors as well as of course the Royal Watercolour Society.


Full details, course summary and materials list here: