PARALLEL LINES: Drawing + Sculpture, The Ingram Collection + Royal Society of Sculptors, 22 June - 25 August 2019, The Lightbox, Woking.

  • AFTER WATCHTOWER 1 pencil and acrylic cut paper drawing 68x39cm Lisa Traxler 2019
AFTER WATCHTOWER 1 pencil and acrylic cut paper drawing 68x39cm Lisa Traxler 2019


An exploration of the relationship between sculpture and drawing,featuring works
from The Ingram Collection and Royal Society of Sculptors.
This exhibition is curated by Caroline Worthington, Director of the Royal Society of Sculptors
at The Lightbox, Woking from 22 June - 25 August 2019.

Iwill have a diptych pencil and acrylic cut paper drawing exhibited responding to the sculpture
of George Pickard's 'The Watchtower' 1965.

Image: 'AFTER WATCHTOWER 1+ 2 (diptych) 2019, Lisa Traxler

            "WATCHTOWER' 1965, George Pickard.

AFTER WATCHTOWER 2 pencil and acrylic cut paper drawing 68x39cm Lisa Traxler 2019Screen Shot 2019 04 11 at 09.03.03

The Lightbox, Chobham Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 4AA

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Closed Mondays and Bank Holidays.


About the drawing:

'I have drawn ‘Watchtower’ with scissors in paper cut and placed it in a landscape setting at two points of the day (two part drawing diptych). The linear ‘cutness’ of the drawing references the spatial property of Pickard’s sculpture whereas the placement in the landscape reflects Pickard’s link to camouflage. My distanced viewers point of perspective highlights the tower’s elevated observation point.

I was immediately drawn to this sculpture by its reference to architecture and a resonance to a military subject as my own practice, at present, is steeped in architectural, particularly camouflage, reference.
I note that George Pickard was a sculptor, architect and painter and served in the Royal Artillery as a regimental artist engaged in camouflage design. The narrative of this is described in this prophetic piece.

I am imagining ‘Watchtower’ as an incision in the landscape - tethered to the land by filament thread stilts. This fortified bird-like structure with its bulk hovering far above the ground yet camouflaged into the terrain. Its enigmatic and apocalyptic quality and linear proportions, a balance between stillness and energy the key tempo of the structure and articulated in such a way in this cut drawing.'

Lisa Traxler.