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the MURIEL art table

A few details about the Muriel table

Look out for MURIEL press coming soon....LivingEtc. and YOU Magazine in the Mail

It was designed by multi award winning British designer, Steuart Padwick (he designs furniture & lighting) and manufactured by Cedric Wells from which are part of the company, AJ Wells, Isle of Wight. (This company also produces most of the signage and wall panels for the London Underground).

It is made of steel with a vitreous enamel surface.

The version shown is a special hand ‘painted’ version by Lisa Traxler.
It is hand painted using vitreous enamel and then kiln fired in the same way.

There is a short video here showing how the table folds up and hangs on the wall. The idea was to create a table that could hang on the wall like a piece of art, but could be lifted off for when you need an extra table. It can simply be a smash of colour on the wall, an art piece like the Lisa version, or also used as a magnet/drywipe board.

The name Muriel came from Hilda Ogden from Coronation street. She was very proud of her ‘Murial' wall picture. She meant mural.