'Masterpieces at Home' Art UK 17th June 2020

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From the Art Uk Website and Facebook page:

Join us for our second 'Masterpieces at Home' video.
Watch along as Lisa Traxler leads a three-dimensional arts activity from her studio
on the Isle of Wight inspired by 'Beauty Chorus G', an enamelled steel sculpture that features elements of dazzle camouflage first seen on british battleships during The Great War.'

Watch it again here:


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Masterpieces at Home: Make a Dazzle Sculpture with Lisa Traxler

Taking inspiration from the Masterpieces at Home interview (film) of RSS sculptor Lisa Traxler talking about her slotted vitreous enamelled steel sculpture, ‘Beauty Chorus G’ then leading a learning activity inviting the viewer to construct their own a 3 Dimensional assemblage, this resource will help you follow the steps she suggests to make your own Dazzle artwork. The activity focuses on drawing, colour and form.

Lisa Traxler’s work is very much inspired by her immediate surroundings, her home on the south side of the Isle of Wight is built around a WW2 radar bunker and her studio is onsite in a converted Nissen hut. Traxler’s recent sculpture is inspired by the defence architecture of WW2 and her subsequent research into the Dazzle camouflage of WW1. 

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