'EQUINOX' 24 March - 14 April 2018. Felix & Spear, London W5

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image: 'The Day Arc' Lisa Traxler RWS

acrylic and stiched thread collage painting on Fabriano paper

'EQUINOX'  24th March - 14 April 2018
Felix & Spear, Ealing, London W5
Modern British and Contemporary Art

A small group exhibition by the Royal Watercolour Society celebrating the start of spring.

'A time or date when day and night are of equal length. A literal and metaphorical interpretation
responding to the theme of 'Equinox' to be further interpreted by the Visitor to add more meanings and feeling'

Julie Held RWS (co-curator)


Participating members of RWS:
Anthony Eyton       James Faure Walker     Julie Held     Shanti Panchal
Liz Butler                Lisa Traxler                Neil Pittaway         Jill Leman
Paul Newland         Fay Ballard                Bill Henderson       Jenny Wheatley
Sophie Knight         Alexander Vorobyev

Contact: Cameron Amiri
tel: 020 8566 1574