EDGE to EDGE, 23-31 July, 2021.The Cello Factory, Waterloo, London SE1.

Edge to Edge poster2
33 - 34 Cornwall Road,
Waterloo, London SE1 8TJ.
'An exploration of endless possibilities of hard edge artworks.'
Curated by Alexander Hinks and Robert Dunt.
I will have a constructed collage painting and wall based sculpture in this exhibition.
Private view: Thursday 22nd July from 6 - 9pm
Open daily 23 - 31 July 2021, 12 - 4pm and by appointment.


Review in Artlyst by Simon Streather:

"Fracture is abundantly apparent in the sculpture and painted collage by Lisa Traxler. Here slashes of colour – which are never exactly bright – are interrupted with black or, in the case of the sculpture, voids in the flat interlocking sections. They seem to suggest but never resolve into a recognisable whole. These works seem suggestive of displacement and flux."


Read the full review here:
Image shows artworks by Paul Bonomini, Alexander Hinks, lisa Traxler.

 Paul Bonomini Alexander Hinks Lisa Traxler